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  Furthermore: Translation of special technical and economical texts employing the terminology and vocabulary your company uses:  
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  Translations La Arenosa  
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Name:   Nadja Borchert
Qualification:   Diploma of Staatliche Fremdsprachenschule (Institute for Foreign Languages) in Hamburg for English, French and Spanish
Diploma as a merchant in foreign trade, specialized in foreign languages, Latin America
Diploma as a translator for spanish language at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hannover-Hildesheim.

I have been working as a commercial correspondent / merchant in foreign trade in companies of the branches: automobile parts and replacements, technical industrial appliances, consumer articles, canned and frozen fruit and vegetable

Translation of extensive documents from shipbuilding and liquified petroleum gas / HSE topics
Translation of websites; example: Edwin Lorenz GmbH & Co. KG
Why "La Arenosa"?

"La Arenosa", "Curramba La Bella", "Puerta de Oro de Colombia", these are affectionate forms of the columbian harbour city Barranquilla. I am married to a "Barranquillero" and in many stays over there I got to know and to love this city full of live, motion and emotion.

Do you wish to learn more about Barranquilla ? (official site of the administration of the Atlántico District)
Translations La Arenosa
Nadja Borchert
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D-97464 Niederwerrn
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